Jeremiah’s Best Trick

Jeremiah was a natural. His mother said it was in his genes because his great-grandfather William “Mush” Rawls had been a famous vaudeville actor with Buster Keaton in the early 1900s. But Great-grandfather Mush was not so famous that any of Jeremiah’s classmates had ever heard of him. No, Jeremiah had to make a name for himself on his own.

Take a Short Fiction Break and read “Jeremiah’s Best Trick,” my latest short story for middle-grade readers. It’s published on Short Fiction Break, a website that features hundreds of short stories (mostly adult fiction) from all over the world.

If you are really into it, you can vote for my story in the People’s Choice Awards for the Summer Writing Contest, which entails reading at least three stories. If you’re up for it, check it out: Readers’ Choice Awards Guidelines.

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