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Tomo Saves the Day” A Short Story for Middle-graders

Ricky Perez knew his sketchbook was his ticket to get into art school. When it was gone, so were his dreams of becoming a comic book artist. A heartfelt short story set in contemporary New York City that takes the reader on a roller coaster ride through Ricky’s journey to get accepted at a prestigious New York high school for art.

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Ricky was different from his middle-school classmates. He wanted to become a professional cartoonist. To do that, he needed to get into the Art and Design high school. His mother had other plans for him and he had no idea how to put together a portfolio for an art school interview. His school didn’t even have an art teacher. It seemed like Ricky had an impossible dream and there was no one to help him find his way. And then he meets Tomo. “Tomo Saves the Day” is a heartwarming story of perseverance and relationships with authentic characters and real-life challenges.  –CATHY RYAN, AUTHOR

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“Madeline Slovenz takes it away, in her beautiful write, “Tomo Saves The Day”!  This evocative story takes me back to my youth, and gives hope to every painter, artist, writer, poet, and dreamer who has ever been crushed, put down, blocked, disregarded.  Well worth reading!” –ANDREW FAIRCHILD, AUTHOR

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4 Replies to “Short Stories”

  1. Tomo Saves the Day is a captivating story.  Ricky is a young man with spunk who knew what he wanted and let no one stand in his way.  His mother, who I thought would kill his dream, came around and was proud of her son.  I could not stop reading.  I just had to know if Ricky made it into Art and Design high school. This touched me.  My daughter wanted to be an artist in high school.  -Kelly Knarr

    1. Thank you for your endorsement. I’m excited to say that the book is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Apple iBooks.

  2. I recommend Madeline’s Tomo Saves the Day. This story gives voice to character Ricky, a middle schooler with a dream. I couldn’t stop reading from the intro paragraph to the end. You too will find yourself rooting for this young man through all his trials and teenage mishaps.

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