Boots on the Flushing Line Platform

You’ve landed in the right spot if you’re looking for contemporary fiction featuring stories of family and home and maturation plots with realistic protagonists of all ages, who make their way in the multi-cultural urban environments of America’s major cities and small towns.

Byline, Madeline Slovenz

Madeline spends most of her time in Chicago, IL where she enjoys writing fiction from her corner perch overlooking Lincoln Park and Lake Michigan. Graduate work in cultural anthropology and performance studies taught her to be a keen observer of the quotidian and shine a light on the oft-overlooked eloquence found in performances of everyday life. What she enjoys most about writing fiction is that it feels like play. She said, “When I write, I feel like a kid again playing with my dolls. I plunk my characters down on the page and make them walk, talk and lead the way. Sometimes I smash their heads together and watch their hair fly when they fight.”

She currently writes realistic fiction for children, young adults and open-minded grownups who are never too old to enjoy stories that feature younger protagonists.

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